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Name:Ahotasu Nienque
Website:Full feline-form design.
Name: Ahotasu Nienque (means "Beloved Wildcat" but I forgot what language it's from).
Age: Roughly 34 in human years.
Gender: Female.
Breed: Metis.
Tribe: Simba.
Pryio: Twilight.
Rank: Aka.
Species: Liger.
Metis Deformity: Pierced Veil.
Personality: Inwardly bitter about her origins, Ahotasu Nienque tries her hardest to keep her shortcomings from taking away what she is capable of accomplishing. Because of this she releases her feelings and emotions as art or song, specifically through the use of carvings, flutes, drums or a leaf harmonica in human form. When faced with danger she fights like an angered wolverine and won't give up until she's proven her worth.
Background: Born as the result of a Simba and Khan mating, Ahotasu Nienque was raised by her father's pride (begrudgingly) and learned as a little cub that life was a cruel and harsh existance. She struggled with survival with her sire as the leader of the pride but worked her best to release her inner turmoil through art in carvings or in learning to play flutes and drums. Because she was born into the world in the half human, half feline form she had to learn to shift to feline and human forms to blend into her surroundings in either cities and villages or the grassy savannahs of South Central Africa. When she was old enough and learned enough about her tribe and place in life, she underwent her Rite of Passage and used the pride as a platform for gaining the necessary experience needed before striking out on her own to travel as a Gypsy. With this occupation she was placed in the danger of exposing her true nature to humans and letting others know that Weres exist.
Physical Description: In feline and feline-like forms, she looks similar to a tiger with very few stripes and lion-like attributes. A black stripe streaks over her muzzle with a crescent-like wrap-around section over the sides of her muzzle and the stripe goes from nose to just between her shoulders. Several black stripes swerve over her eyes like "S"s and one black crescent disects the white patch above her eyes. Her ears are black-rimmed with grey backings and a white spot in the middle with a lot of fur, making them look very fluffy. On her neck is a pair of stripes connecting to the black stripe going down the back of her neck, both curve inwards beside each other and a "shooting star" fills the space between them. Across her throat is a scar that reminds her of how her Changing Breed views Metis and how her mother never wanted her. On her forelegs and shoulder area is a series of stripes that curve along the muscle bundlings and "shooding stars" between the stripes and her chest area. From her paws half up to near her "elbows" are pure black. On her hind-legs are a pair of circular stripes that streak down to her ankles and on her tail is one circular stripe mid-tail as well as a thick, lion-tuft of hair.

In human form she is a slender young woman with black hair, brown eyes, standing at five foot seven and weighing one hundred twenty-seven pounds. Typically she keeps her hair fastened at the back of her neck with a chord of some sort (usually made of leather and wears saris or occasionally traditional African dresses to represent both cultures her sire and dam came from.
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